Aberdares Escapades


The Aberdares National Reserve boasts of the flora and fauna, and a few selection of animals compared to other National Reserves in Kenya.

However, due to the COVID19 Lockdown coupled with weather challenges, I didn’t manage to reach the upper areas comprising of the signature feature at the Aberdares: the flora and fauna.

Needless to say, the Aberdares boasts of several water catchment areas, waterfalls eat al, that are very iconic features. Because of its altitude, the Aberdares is cool towards cold, especially as you rise high and high; very serene environment for meditation and prayer surrounded by the natural sounds of the wild led by the birds, crickets, et al.

As said earlier, the COVID19 Lockdown has really affected traffic flow as well as maintenance tasks in the feeder roads within the Reserve hence making it tricky to navigate even with a good 4x4 Cruiser. The word of concern and caution I received at the gate was: “Please be careful since you are only in the Reserve today; if you get stuck you may have a challenge getting noticed or even assisted.” With that I tried to play cautiously in my Game Drive excursion.

I have to appreciate that for the many times that I have visited the Reserve, it always offers the best moment as I enjoy the excursion. This is something I always look forward to especially being an ardent solo traveler. It is my hope that once the COVID19 Lockdown is lifted things will get back to normalcy and we get to enjoy what the Aberdares offers to those who behold her.

Have a glimpse of the little shots that I captured as I wandered along, as well as a short video clip for the same.